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Northern Greece - Aegean Sea

This naturally beautiful northern area of Greece were the Aegean sea starts its journey is a sailing paradise winds from the Gods and turquoise waters, let extremesailingtraveler take you on thee adventure of a life time. The beautiful marbel beaches of Thassos and natural anchoring coves that surround this island will captivate your soul. Northern Greece and thee Aegean Sea offer a variety of islands to explore many of which are a true wilderness from Samothraki , Limnos, Mount Athos. Corfu and Lefkada on the northwest coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea , crystal clear waters and white pebble beaches surround this paradise. Northern Greece is a true adventurer sailing destination. Choose a direction - Aegean or Ionian sea and let us take you there.

Greek Islands

For the relaxing island hopping adventure, the Greek Islands offer a unique luxury traveling experience. With just a few hours cruise from island to island leaves plenty of time for relaxing, sunbathing , or enjoying local tavernas and clubs. The Greek Islands include Santorini, Mikonos, Kos and thousands of others small islands. Each island diverse in beauty culture and recreation. Whether you are in the relaxing mood, party mood or island exploring mood,extremesailingtraveler knows exactly how to make your desires a reality.

Mugal, Turkey

Were the Aegean sea ends its journey along the western coast of Turkey, this magnificent stretch of islands, coves and peninsulas bring sailing to a new level.The northern winds are constantly keeping this area a sailing heaven. Many islands to stop off for the evening,enjoying the well renowned Turkish Hospitality and gourmet cuisine,as each respectful resturant offers free overnight docking,the exquisite Marmaris Marina , Fehiye, Sogutkoy, Selimiye and Bodrum and many other significant islands. Mugal Turkey will definitely not disappoint the most enthusiast adventure. Our stong connection to this land and people the best atention and services are offered to extremesailingtraveler and crew first. Shopping for high quality, guides, Turkish cuisine or a turkish bath. We are here to pamper you so give us a try, we love a challenge!


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