Yacht Testing

Whether you are a yacht manufacturer, yacht charter company or in the market to sell. We will film, examine and market your vessel manifesting the perfect client for your product. Our yacht testing services are by far the most rigorous and complex services that we offer.

  1. Team extremesailingtraveler along with our multi task crew will take your yacht review to the next level by offering you the right marketing potential .Our yacht examination is broken down into three sectors.
    film and edit - extremsailingtraveler will film every angle, sailing positions, cabin features, technical aspects and bring it together with our professional editing skills.. Our key goal is top quality content which we realize though our professional equipment. Our toys include still cameras, motion cameras, 360 cameras, ghimbals, drones. extremesailingtravelers equipment and crew will guarantee your vessels beauty and performance are exhibited.
  2. Yacht examination - extremesailingtraveler will test everything on your vessel from A to Z, establishing key features and performance goals. Our testing criteria as follows:
    1. buoyancy and design elements
    2. equipment and centrifugal review
    3. all sailing positions ( wind and powered )
    4. Cabin comfort and practicality
    5. quality and durability of materials used
    6. performance abilities
    7. docking and yacht specifications anailized.
  3. Marketing -our now how and experience in this industry is by far our virture.
    extremesailingtraveler will bring your product to life realizing your exposure on social media, blogs and vlogs. Guaranteeing you reach and impressions worldwide targeting potential new clients.

Yacht Transport

Need your yacht moved to a new location? No distance to FAR nor too CLOSE ! Let our professional crew take care of reallocating, your vessel care free. All transportation services include professionaly certified skipper and crew.

extremesailingtraveler will transport and prepare your yacht before you arrive. All you have to do is board and sail and let us take care of provisions, cleaning, laundry, check lists, equipment and vessel verification, customs declarations, fuel etc.

No request goes unfulfiled!

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